Blockchain Online Course: FAQ

What you need to know

Is this course only for (competition) lawyers?

No, it is not. That being said, the course is organized as follows: the first three segments explain blockchain functioning and governance. The next three segments are mainly dedicated to competition law and competitive issues, although they also tackle issues of intellectual property, privacy, financial regulation, etc. The last three segments explore blockchain regulation and its future. With that in mind, blockchain regulation is impacting the entire space and this course is also designed to bring legal knowledge to non-lawyers invested in the space.

How can I get a taste of the course content?

The entire first segment (over nine) is available for free. Please note that we will not grade your exam for the first segment if you do not have full access to the course.

How long is this course?

The course comprises nine segments. Each segment has two videos about 20 minutes long. In total, there are six hours of videos. We think it’s reasonable to watch one segment a day, so… you would need nine days in total to complete the course. But of course, you can always take more.


Once I paid to access the course, how can I get my official certificate?

The course is divided into nine segments. There is a short online exam at the end of each segment. You must score a minimum of 7 out of 10 points on each of these segments to receive your online certificate. But do not worry: if you fail the exam of one segment, you can always retake it (an unlimited number of times).

How fast do you grade exams?

We look at all exams monthly, so… please bear with us.

Where are the fees going? 

The fees go to the Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Law School.

Once I obtain my certificate, where can I show it?

Everywhere! Your certificate will get the Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Law School blockchain stamp to certify authenticity. You can then post it on LinkedIn and other social media. Also, should your (potential) employer get in touch with us to confirm authenticity, we will make sure to answer as soon as possible.


Does my certificate confer a Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam degree?

Your certificate may draw on material from courses taught on-campus but it is not equivalent to on-campus courses. Put differently, your certificate does not affirm that you were enrolled as a student at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It does not confer a Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam degree. It affirms that you have successfully completed this online course.

Once I paid to access the course, are my access rights forever valid?

You get access to the course for one year. This should be enough time for you to watch the videos several times and complete the course.

Once I paid to access the course, can I share my access rights with other people?

No. We—hope—know we can trust you on this one.

Once I paid to access the course, can I use the material?

You cannot. The material is under the exclusive license of the Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute. This means you cannot share the videos, screenshots, etc.

Who is the course instructor?

Thibault Schrepel is the course instructor. Thibault is a Law + Technology Associate Professor specializing in blockchain, antitrust and computational law. In recent years, he published a book and numerous articles on blockchain law, co-authored an article with Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum co-creator), advised the World Bank, the European Commission, and the World Economic Forum on related subjects.

I am a student, can I get a discount?

We try our best to keep the price as low as possible, so we are afraid we cannot offer any discount now.